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“pHresh Kitty” (yoni oil)

“pHresh Kitty” (yoni oil)


Make sure your hands are clean. Use dropplet to apply yoni oil onto the top of vagina area or the vulva area.



• Balances the pH

• Keeps the vagina free of itching

• Gives the vagina a little moist

• Makes you feel fresh and free down there

• Reduces any odd odors down there

  • Care Tips:

    *Try using 3-4 drops in underwar when using your very first time to see if you have any reactions!* 

  • Ingredients:

    Made with chamomile and peppermint oil

  • Info:

    The tingling sensation after placing the yoni oil on is totally normal and will go away after a few minutes to a couple of hours (that means the oil is definitely working)! If you got a burning sensation you may have placed the yoni oil on wrong!

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