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“Turmeric Burst” (face, body + eye masque)

“Turmeric Burst” (face, body + eye masque)

Instructions: Stir well before use! Be sure your skin is clean and a little dry. Place a thin layer of mask onto skin. Leave on for about 8 minutes. Rinse off with cold water. Now, add any facial moisturizer of your choice. Do this once a week only!


• Gives the skin a fresh glow

• Reduces retinoids/dark marks

• Reduces acne blemishes/acne (razor bumps)

• Helps with hyperpigmentation found in the skin

• Helps heal any skin ulcers/sores

• Reduces dark circles around the eyes


  • Care Instructions

    *Be careful, this mask can stain your face towel or clothing when using*

    *Leave on face for 8-10 minutes!*

    *Can be used everyday!*

  • Care Tips

    Store in a cool area (cooler, refrigerator)!

  • Ingredients:

    Made with raw turmeric and almond oil

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